Harmandir Sahib, Golden Temple, Amritsar

Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib and as western’s call it the Golden Temple the supreme religious seat of Sikhs  is in the holy city of Amritsar , Punjab state  in North India .

Amritsar is also mentioned  as Ramdas Pur in earlier historical records , it is also pronounced as Ambarsar ( Pool of Ambrosia ) . City was established by the fourth Sikh Guru Ram Dass Ji by purchasing the land from the residents of the village Tung in 1574 AD The area around Amritsar has the legend of Ramayana associated with it ,  Rishi Balmiki’s ashram was here , the Devi Sita the Lord Rams wife  lived in exile and gave  birth twin sons  Lavh and Kush. It is said when the twin brothers  killed the entire  army of Lord Ram , at that time a jug of Ambrosia descended from heaven to restore the soldiers to life.

First view of Darbar Sahib from Eastern Gate, Amritsar

It was in 1574 A.D. Guru Ram Das Ji made his home by the side of the pool, finding the air and water of his abode health-giving  which was regarded as blessed with miraculous powers of healing and in 1577 AD.holy tank was excavated and named it Amritsar and the present city grew around it . The Fifth Guru Arjan Dev Ji conceived the idea of construction of the Gurudwara in the center of the pool, he himself designed and laid the foundation stone in late 1588  , it has four entrances symbolizing it open for all , it was completed in 1604 AD and Guru Granth Sahib was installed in it . After this event it attained the status of ‘Ath Sath Tirath’ and  the Sikh community had their own Tirath, a pilgrimage center .

Darshani Deori , main entrance to the Harmandir Sahib

The present  Harmandir Sahib was rebuilt in 1764 by the Jassa Singh Ahluwalia later  the founder of Kapurthala State in Punjab , it is said he in a battle with Afghans in 1762  (Wadha Gulughara) who had destroyed Harmandir Sahib,  received Sixty Four wounds .

The Nishan Sahib ( Flag)

The Gold plating and marble work was carried out in 19 centenary under the patronage of Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji and Sardar Hukam Singh Chimni who happened to be member and speaker of Parliament and then the Governor of Rajasthan state.

Architecture of Harimandir Sahib is a unique harmony between the Muslims and the Hindus way of construction work . It is often quoted that this architecture has created an independent Sikh school of architecture in the history of art in India.

View early morning Darbar Sahib , Amritsar

 Harmandir means the temple of God , Its sanctum came to house the Adi Granth , comprising compositions of Sikh Gurus and other saints considered to have Sikh values and philosphies

Harmandir Sahib , Amritsar




Darbar Sahib at Night , Amritsar

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Yatra Chardham – Hurdles this year 2014

Sri Badrinath Ji Temple


The Yatra Chardham for the year 2014 will start from Akshaya Tritiya which falls on the third Tithi (Lunar day) of Bright Half (Shukla Paksha) of Hindu month of Vaishakha , when the Sun and Moon are in exaltation; they are simultaneously at their peak of brightness, which happens only once every year .   Lord Vishnu and his incarnations are worshiped on the day. People also conduct Lakshmi puja on Akshaya Tritiya.

This year it falls on 2nd May 2014 and pilgrims from all over India will assemble at Haridwar / Rishikesh and start the holy journey on 30th April or 1st  May to reach the dhams at the time of opening of gates at the main temples of Sri Kedarnath and Sri Badrinath .

The devastating  floods, last year on 16th and 17th June 2013, washed away many roads and bridges in the Uttrakhand along with many thousand deaths of pilgrims and the local residents, it also washed away many guest houses, hotels and flat land suitable for the camps .

Upon talking with the local residents the information shared about the road conditions is bad at many places , Govt. agencies are working to repair the damaged roads and bridges but with the onset of winter the and snowfall in the area the works are stopped and it will resume only after the melting of snow around mid or end March 2014 .

The roads towards Barkot and Janki Chatti were not affected much and are in good condition , the onward  7 km trek to Yamunotri temple is safe ,  the road for Gangotri , Uttarkashi on wards washed away at 7-8 places  near Bhatwari , it is a soft road and at present suitable for light vehicles .

The road form Rudraprayag to Guptkashi / Phata is good for small / light vehicles but onward road to Gaurikund is in bad condition , the 14 km old trek route along the river Mandakini  from Gaurikund  to Rambara and then to Sri Kedarnath is washed away at many places and a new trek is under construction , this new route is aprox. 24 km long climbing up to  13000 ft. and then coming down to Sri Kedarnath at 11760 ft. , it is not possible to travel this distance in one day, one night stop will be required in both the directions and  it is not certain if Govt. will allow the pilgrims to have a night stay at Sri Kedarnath , where the yatris will spend the night , even if it is decided it will be in the tents or may be this year the Yatra for Sri Kedarnath will be by Helicopters with same day return .

The road from Guptkashi to Chopta and then to Pipalkoti is good for small vehicles , the road from Rudraprayag to Pipalkoti and then to Joshimath is better . Road from Joshimath to Gobindgaht and then to Pandukeshwer is ok but onward to Lambagarh, Hanuman chatti till Sri Badrinath is not good only light vehicles can go . There are chances of preparing a helipad at Gobindghat for Helicopter Shuttle service for Sri Badrinath . The trek for Ghangharia , Velley of Flowers and Sri Hemkund Sahib are travel worthy .

Changed flow of river Alakhnanda at Lambagarh after June 2013 floods , it use to flow on the other side of temple built by JP Hydel Project .

In all the preparations this year,it seems that most of the pilgrims will avoid Sri Kedarnath and the road journey will be done in small vehicles for Yamunotri , Gangotri and Sri Badrinath .

This year the yatris may have to get registered and will be allowed only to travel by registered Tourist and State Roadways vehicles .


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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2014

The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra year 2014 the registration for the Yatra  is announced by the Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India . The last years Yatris who were registered and  could not take the journey due to the Floods and roads blocks in the year 2013 are also eligible .

Holy Mt. Kailash & Lake Mansarovar


Govt. of India accepts and screen the applications and selects the yatris with a strict criteria of health and physical fitness as one is to trek across the Great Himalaya to enter into Tibet area of China with restricted number of yatris to travel in batches of 20-40 .

Still there are pilgrims who are unable to get into the list and also are not keen on taking up a journey of 20 days on foot in Himalayas.

We have tied up with experts in Nepal and China to take care of the sacred Mt. Kailash – Mansarovar Yatra for the Indian nationals to travel from Kathmandu . We have been successfully organizing Yatra Chardham in Himalayas for the past 25 years along with high altitude  trekking in Ladakh ,  Sri Amarnath Ji and Everest Base camp in Nepal .

One must remember that it is one of the most difficult pilgrimage travel where one is to climb up to 18600 ft. where the oxygen is thin and it is very cold in the snow , one must get a through checkup and must get a Certificate from a family doctor about the body fitness to face the harsh weather. One must start physical exercises , yoga Pranayam breathing   exercises along with walking with good waterproof  boots at least two months before taking the pilgrimage as  two-three  nights yatris are to stay in tents, walk for the Circumbulation  (day 1 , 12 km and day 2, 21 km) the mules and Yaks are available if one want to take. This journey is strictly NOT for the people with Heart  and Breathing problems .

Our all pilgrimage tours are accompanied by not only the experts in the Himalaya  but also the Purohits  who help you perform the puja in the way as mentioned in our Vedic Texts. It is said that performing a puja at Mt. Kailash on a full moon day is the most auspicious , please select your dates accordingly .

All our packages are of 12 nights with arrival / departure Kathmandu by bus and travel in the China region is also by bus , from the year 2013 Govt. of China is not allowing to travel by  Jeeps .

We have fixed departures for the following dates

Arrive Kathmandu       Return journey

 01 MAY 2014                    13 MAY 2014

15 MAY 2014                    27 MAY 2014

29 MAY 2014                   10 JUN 2014

14 JUN 2014                     26 JUN 2014

30 JUN 2014                    12 JUL  2014

13 JUL 2014                      25 JUL 2014

27 JUL 2014                     08 AUG 2014

11 AUG 2014                     23 AUG 2014

29 AUG 2014                     10 SEP 2014

10 SEP 2014                       22 SEP 2014

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