Bhalka Teerath, Somnath, Gujarat

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Bhalka Teerath is in Veraval near Somnath . Legend is at this place Lord Krishna after the Mahabharata war was over he left  Mathura to save and protect his people, established Dwarka on the Sea shores as his capital , Veraval is called Prabhas Kshetra ,  one day he was having his dhyan  under a Peepal tree with his back resting  on tree trunk sitting on a deer skin with his left foot over his right leg , a hunter named Jara was  in search of  some animal to be hunted , he misunderstood the foot  of Lord Krishna to be an eye of a deer and shot an arrow ( in Gujarati arrow means Bhall Baan ) and badly injured the Lord ,   realizing his mistake he apologized to Lord but Lord Krishna told him that it is not a mistake , but it was his own deeds of previous births he was paying off . He ( Zara ) was Monkey King Bali brother of Sugreev , he was killed by him with a shot of an arrow , hiding behind the trees in his ( Lord Krishna) previous incarnation as Ram 

Bhalka Teerath , Veraval, Somnath

Lord Krishna appeared before the hunter  Zara , holding conch, chakra, mace and padma in his four hands ,  The Viraat Roop Lord Vishnu .


Bhalka Teerath Temple with Holy Peepal Tree

After Lord Krishna was badly injured he walked some distance to Prabhas Patan the Triveni , confluence of river Hiranya , Kapila and Saraswati  and breathed his last and at same place he was cremated


Balram Gufa ( Cave) Bhalka Teerath Somnath

The place where  Balarama (Incarnation of Sheshnag ) also known as Baldev , Lord Krishna’s elder brother departed from the earth  in his  serpent form after Lord Krishna left for Nijdham ( Heavenly abode). This is marked by an ancient holy cave called “Dauji-ni Gufa


Triveni Ghats , cremation site of Lord Krishna


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Sudama Temple , Porbandar , Gujarat

Sudama temple is situated in the city of Porbandar of Gujarat state , Sudama is the childhood friend of lord Krishna when they were having their education at Rishi Sandipni ashram at Mathura .

The present temple is built at same place where there use to be an old Sudama temple under the patronage of Sri Ramdev Ji Jethwa from the royal family of Porbandar during 1900-1908 AD , to complete the construction funds were raised by performing stage shows and received donations from the rich people .

Sudama Temple , Porbandar , Gujarat

Its architecture  is a simple with carved marble pillars and shikhar , open from all the sides situated in a garden with a small step-well and a temple dedicated to lord Ganesh Ji .


Sudama Temple , Porbandar , Gujarat

Sudama was born at this place and went to Mathura  at Rishi Sandipni Ashram where he met Krishna  , after the studies returned to his home and living a poor life , one day his wife asked him why not to meet his childhood friend who is a King of Dwarka for a help , Sudama went to meet Lord Krishna and when Lord heard about him he ran bare foot and receive his friend at the doors , offered him his seat  and washed his feet himself , upon lord Krishna’s request Sudama stayed few days as his guest , due to hesitation he never asked for any help as long as he was guest and returned home feeling guilty as to what he will reply to his wife, after reaching home he could not find his hut but instead there was a big mansion where his family was staying , he was then informed by his wife how Lord Krishna has helped them .

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Helicopter Charters Yatra Chardham 09 May 2014 onwards

Yatra Chardham 2014,  doors will open on 02 May at Yamunotri and 05 May at  Sri Badrinath Ji . 

The last year cloud burst and floods washed away roads and bridges at most of the places in Uttrakhand , lots of work by the Govt. agencies were put in action  to make the roads and bridges  travel worthy but still the roads and treks at higher reaches could not be brought up to the  satisfactory level specially the areas around and above Guptkashi towards Sri Kedarnath and Joshimath area onward the Lambagarh roads are yet to be fully repaired , the repair work will start after the month of March when the snow will melt and heavy machines are put in action.

The news coming in from the unconfirmed sources are that Govt. of Uttrakhand will not allow the pilgrims to have night halt at Sri Kedarnath and also the new trek will be longer than the last years .

Yatra Chardham Helicopter service

The helicopter service may be affected this year in this area due to the private helicopters services will be diverted in use by the political parties in  the Lok Sabha elections .

Pilgrims planing Yatra Chardham this year must decide and make bookings in advance with us to make sure their pilgrimage is successful and without any problems.

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