How Hotels Fill All Unsold Rooms

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Buying Hotel Rooms from your Travel Agent may save you over 50%

Hotels makes sizable investments to offer high quality services, accommodation, and cuisines. To recover these huge construction and operational costs, they avoid having vacant rooms any time in the year. They turn to their trusted agency partners to market all “excess” inventory at heavy discounts. Hotels do not offer these discounts themselves, consistently maintaining their “published” rates and selling full-rate packages to customers who buy directly from these hotels. Partners, on the other hand, act as a separate discount channel for the more travel-savvy and price-sensitive customers. Due to the recent slowdown in travel caused by the recession, there is significant overcapacity in the industry.

Your Travel Agent will most likely be able to offer you fantastic deals that are not advertised directly in newspapers, TV ads or other media, or made available to direct buying customers to protect the full-fare business of the hotels and their traditional travel agencies. Tailored packages also save you money. Hotel rooms are sold as a package with breakfast and or main meals (lunch, dinner). It can make a significant difference in the total cost to the customer to have a room with meals or not. Prices also vary with other standard inclusions, use of health club, swimming pool, and other recreational facilities that are clubbed with your room and hike up your price. Your travel agent can help you buy what you really need. Availing the airport pickup and drop too can save a lot of money. Keep checking with your agent for the best deals available . 

Some Travel Agencies bulk-buy rooms well in advance from the hotels. As they come closer to the occupancy dates, agents need to fill the rooms and can sell at up to 80% less than the regular price. So, please keep on checking with your trusted agents and you may be pleasantly surprised at the good deals you may get!

Travel Agent is also your Travel Consultant who provides you with all the information about the destination , transport rates and places one can visit and what one may add to get the best out of your money .

The recent trend to buy online is having its own limitation of doing your own research and get the things what you want but what one get along with it only a Travel Consultant can adviceMoney saved is money earned


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