Tigers at Ranthambhore National Park Sawai Madhopur Rajasthan

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Ranthambhore Wildlife National Park at Sawai Madhopur is in the State of Rajasthan , India . It is one of the largest National Park covering aprox. 392 Sq. Km. It was declared a Project Tiger Reserve in 1973 and then the National Park in 1980 . It is the best place to sight Tigers in wild  in their natural habitat as in this small area there are aprox. 60 Tigers in different Zones . Due to increase in population of Tigers, the forest Officials are relocating the few to the Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary .

Entrance Ranthabhore Tiger Reserve

A. Ranthambhore Wildlife Park is open for visits from October till May every year , in the monsoons few zones remain open for the visit but due to water logging, slush and also the  mating period for the most of the wild animals including the Tigers therefore  it is not advised to visit the Forest wildlife .

Tiger Pug Mark , Ranthambhore Wildlife National Park

B. The online registration along with the photo ID,  is a  must for the Wildlife National Park visit, it  opens 90 days in advance, the visitor must carry and present the same ID at the time of entry into the National Park .

C. There are two time slot one in the morning 07 AM to 10.30 AM and afternoon 02 PM to 06 PM , these timings changes 30 minutes plus , minus depending on day lights .

D. Private Vehicles are not permitted in the National Park ,  Thirty seats Canter and Six seats Jeeps are permitted in a specific Zone with a restricted number of Vehicles allowed  for aprox. three hours within the time slot.

Ranthambhore wildlife Park Vehicle with Specific Zone nbr plate

E. The Ranthabhore Wildlfe National Park is divided into Ten Zones, Tigers are territorial animals and guard their territory , by marking scratches on Tree Trunks and rocks  with urine , body scent and anal secretions,  keep trying to extend it even at the cost of their own life , it is not limited to the Forest Zones marked by the Forest Officials . When one  visits Ranthambhore Wildlife in the particular Zone  Tigers present  there can be identified .


Ranthambhore Wildlife Zone Map

Zone 01.     Sultan ( T 72), Noor ( T 39 ), Ustad ( T 24 )

Zone 02 .   Krishna ( T 19 ), Gayatri ( T 22 ), Ustad ( T 24 ), Noor ( T 39 ), Sultan ( T 72 ), Jhumuru ( T 20 )

Zone 03.    Star ( T 28 ), Bhola/Dollar ( T 25 ), Krishna ( T 19 ) with three Cubs

Zone 04.    Machali ( T 16 ), Bhola/Dollar ( T 25 ), Krishna ( T 19 ) with Cubs, Star ( T 28 ), Romeo ( T 6 ), Mr. Bond ( T 47 )

Sunehri ‘s Cub at Ranthambhore Wildlife National Park

Zone 05.    Romeo ( T 6 ),  Sunehari  ( T 17 ) with three Cubs , Bhola/Dollar ( T 25 ) Bahadur ( T 6 ) .

Zone 06.    Ustad ( T 4 ), Kumbha ( T 34 ), Sultan ( T 72 ), Noor ( T 39 )

Zone 07.    Ladli ( T 8 ) with one Cub , Kumbha ( T 34 )

Zone 08.     Ladli ( T 8 ) with one Cub , Kumbha ( T 34 )

Zone 09.     Fateh ( T 42 )

Zone 10.     Fatheh ( T 42 ) , Old Sultanpur ( T 13 ), with three Cubs

There are many other animals other than Tigers like Leopards,  Sambhar Deer, Chetal, Neel Gai, Langur, Jackals, Sloth Bears, Three types of Foxes, Rats, Hedgehog, Mongooses, Turtles, Crocodiles, Tortoise, Snakes, Pythons and Lizards and many birds one can see at Ranthambhore Wildlife National Park .

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Yatra Chardham Uttrakhand in Winters

Yatra Chardham in the Uttrakhand also called the Chota Chardham is a journey of four places or Dhams done from spring to autumn months, and as per the Hindu calender, from Akshaya Tritia till the Bhai Dooj ( April end /May first week till October end / November second week) . During this time, all the roads and trekking routes are accessible and free from any Snow.

During the Winters when all Dhams are closed due to snowfall in the higher  reaches of the Himalaya , the main deities for worship are brought down at the temples located in the villages for the uninterrupted  daily Puja and rituals, one saves on the long uphill treks which are difficult for the Senior Citizens. Hotels are less expensive and temples are not crowded. One can spend as much time to perform the puja and dhyan. The usual Yatra Chardham is of 14 days in summer months from Delhi by road but same journey can be done comfortably  in 10 days in winters

 Ma Yamuna is worshiped at village Kharsali seven kms before the Yamunotri main Temple,  just across river Yamuna at Janki Chatti, it is a picturesque village which has the oldest Lord Shani temple. 

Ma Yamuna stays with her brother Lord Shani during the winters.

Shani Dev , Naag Devta Temple at Kharsali

Ma Ganga is worshiped at village Mukhwa near Harsil. A lesser known and ignored fact about Harsil  is that Harsil is a place where many rivers meet which forms a Maha Prayag like Vishnu Ganga, Jalandhari, Pawan Ganga, Hatya Harini, Kheer Ganga , Kakora, Tilangana and  Bhim Ganga pouring their waters into the main River,  Bhagirathi. 

Harsil’s Mayank Parvat  has mention in Kedarkhand a chapter in Skandh Purana. This place is also famous for Ashram of Maharishi Markandaeya, who composed the Durga Saptshati at Mukhwa

Ma Gangotri Winter Seat , Mukhwa Village , Uttrakhand

Lord Kedarnath ( Lord Shiva) is worshiped at Gupt Kashi  Ukhimath, located on the banks of  Mandakini river, where, during the winter months, the Idols are brought in from the main temple of Sri Kedarnath .

Lord Kedarnath Winter seat , Ukhimath

At Gupt Kashi it is said  “जितने पत्थर उतने शंकर ” (All the stones are Lord Shiva) 

One can visit and offer prayers at places associated with Sanatan HinduMythology, at Guptkashi namely Ardhnarishwara, Manikarnika Kund ( Pond)Love legend of Anirudha (the grand son of Lord Krishna ) and Demon King Banasura‘s daughter Usha and then killing of Banasur, Grave of Nala of epic Ramayna,

One gets a beautiful view of Chaukhamba , Kedarnath and Neelkantha peaks.

Lord Badri Vishal Winter Seat Pandukeshwar , Uttrakhand


Lord Badri Vishal is worshiped at Pandukeshwar  during the winters, this place is 18 kms from Joshimath and very close to Govind Ghat. Pandukashwer is also associated with King Pandu father of Five Pandavas of Mahabharata

After the curse from a Sage, ( Rishi) Kindama, mistakenly killed by King Pandu, spent his life here and his queens Kunti and Madri gave birth to the five Pandva brothers, Namely Yudhishthir, Arjun, Bheem, Nakul and Sahdev (in order of their ages, elder first).

Yudhishthir, Arjun and Bheem were born from Kunti and Nakul, Sahdev were born from Madri.

All these places hold equal importance in Sanathan Hindu Mythology, as the main Shrines of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath. These places have been the winter seats for these gods for generations.

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