Khardong-la , Leh, Ladakh

Khardong La situated at a height of 5359 meters , it is among one of the  highest pass with motor road , it is a gate way to Shyok and Nubra valley , it is 39 km south of Leh in Ladakh , it is most of the time covered under snow and a blanket of fog , South Pullu is just 15 km. where permits are checked and if weather is not good one is to wait here for road clearance .


Khardong-la ( pass) on way  Leh to Nubra valley

The two bases on either side of Khardong-la are North Pullu and South Pullu. Inner Line Permit (ILP) is not needed to reach Khardung La peak, however Inner Line Permit is needed to cross North Pullu to reach Nubra Valley , photocopies of permit obtained from The DCs office in Leh are to be deposited at both the points .


South Pullu , before Khardong-La

High Altitude Sickness is the main concern for the travelers who have not acclimatized them self . One can expect  long travel delays due to traffic congestion on narrow one-lane sections, washouts, landslides and road accidents on this highway .  The highway  is closed every year  from approximately October to May due to snow .

It is one of the most visited point in Ladakh by motorbike and Jeep adventurists, one needs skill, good health, presence of mind , fast reflexes and lots of self control to drive on this stretch of road, one feels on top of the world after reaching the Khardong La Top .

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Nubra Valley , Ladakh

Nubra valley situated 150 km from Leh at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level . It was also known as Ldumra ( Valley of Flowers) ,  Shyok river and Siachan river flows through a high altitude desert to form a large valley there is no rain fall,  rare precipitation but land is fertile near the river beds and produce Wheat, Barley, Peas, Mustard , a variety of fruits and nuts, including Apple, Walnut, Apricot and  Almond . Nubra Valley is also called the Food Bowl of Ladakh 

Pashmina Goat At Nubra

The people are of Balti origin, by faith  majority of them are Buddhist with few Muslims , Karakoram pass connects with Xinjiang region of Tibet China in the northwest of valley , in the north is Siachin Glacier , people live here are fair complexion with blue eyes , different from Ladakhi features who are with Mongolian features. It is said they belong to a Greek Tribe who came in search of Jesus Christ tomb never returned and settled here.

In India the Bactrian , the double hump camel is seen in the  deserts between Hundar and Diskit , it is pride of Nubra valley

Double Hump Bactrian Camel pride of Nubra Valley

To reach Nubra from Leh one is to drive on worlds highest motorable road and cross the Khardong-La pass , travel to Nubra need a permit, which only allows travel as far as Hunder and Panamik for a maximum of seven days. Tourists are to hand over photocopies of  permit on both sides of the Khardung – La and also by the bridge to Sumur. Khardung La is one of the highest motorable passes in the world joining Indus Valley (Leh) and Nubra Valley and Shoyok Valley. Built in 1976 by Indian Army and Border Road Organization

Hundar Nubra Valley Ladakh

Panamik is the last village accessible to foreigners.village is famous for 250 year old Ensa Gompa and hot water springs. Just few kilometers from here starts Siachen Glacier, the highest battlefield in the world .

Diskit Monastery,  the oldest and largest Buddhist monastery of  Gelugpa tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in Nubra . It  was built in 1420AD, on top of a hill overlooking town of Diskit, the Gompa provides beautiful panoramic views.  to reach the Gompa one is to climb a half hour trek through a two meter wide steep path . The main attraction of the Gompa is the main Deity, which holds in its hand the mummified human forearm and head, which is believed to be of a Mongol warrior .

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Leh , Ladakh Road Distances

Planing to visit Ladakh , one needs lots of preparations not only the acclimatization for the body to face  harsh , cold, dry and air with thin oxygen but also in what direction one should travel to plan the visit to the important place.

I am giving below the most popular routes taken by the adventure lovers , there many more routes to places to be discovered on foot, motor bike or SUVs . Please contact me for more such places in Ladakh and Zanskar region.

Road to Khardong La Ladakh

One can plan the trip to visit most of the places in one journey to save time , the routes are with the main highways from Leh to various places of historical, religious  importance , tourists attractions , Lakes , High Passes etc.

Loops before Fotu La on way to Kargil from Leh

01. Route Leh – Alchi – Lamayuru – Mulbek – Kargil – Drass – Srinagar

Place / altitude    Distance/Km.      Importance

Spituk / 3380                   12             Ancient Monasteries

Phyang / 3490                 17             Ancient Monastery

Basgo / 3343                     40            Palaces , Monasteries

Likir  / 3265                      60            Ancient Monasteries

Alchi / 3345                      67            Ancient Monastery

Uletokpo / 2985             72              Campsite , Hanging bridge

Ridzong / 2985                 73            Monastery and Nunnery

Lamayuru / 3440           125          Oldest Monastery

Fotu – La / 4108               140          Highest Pass on Leh-Srinagar Highway

Hiniskut / 3860               145             Village at high altitude

Mulbek / 3510                 175              Rock Statue , Cliff hanging Monastery

Kargil / 2650                     230            District H.Q, base for Zanskar

Drass / 3033                      28              War Memorial , Tiger Hill and Rhino Knob views

Zoji – La / 3528                307              Gateway to Kashmir Valley

 02 . Route Leh – Baralacha la – Jispa – Rohtang – Manali

Shey / 3365 mtr                15                Palace , Monastery

Thiksey / 3370 mtr.       20                  Monastery

Hemis / 3518 mtr.             49              Monastery

Gya / 4100 mtr.                  72             Historical Place

Rumtsey / 4325 mtr.        78             Trekking

Tanglang La / 5360 mtr.  110          Very High altitude  Pass

Pang / 4630 mtr.                    174          Camp site

Lachang La / 5065 mtr.    198         Very  High altitude Pass

Serchu / 4253 mtr.             251         Camp site

Baralacha La / 4892 mtr. 283         Very High altitude Pass

Patsio / 3820 mtr.               314        Camp site

Darcha / 3400 mtr.            328        Village , camp site

Jispa / 3142 mtr.                  335       Hotels , camp site

Rohtang La / 3980 mtr.   422      High altitude Pass

Manali  / 2050 mtr.              473     Tourist hotels, resorts.

03. Route Leh – Khardong La –  Nubra  

South Pullu  / 4690 mtr.         24     Very High altitude Pass

Khardong La / 5602 mtr.        39      Very High altitude Pass

North Pullu / 4907 mtr.          53      Very High altitude Pass

Disket / 3163 mtr.                        150    Monastry

Khalsar / 3522 mtr.                    95      Village

Panamic / 3183 mtr.                150  Hot water Spring

Yarabtso Lake/ 3321 mtr.    115  Sacred Lake and Sumur  Village

Pangong Lake Ladakh , high ground clearance SUVs

03. Route  Leh – Pangong  

Karu                                           36  ( last petrol pump on this route)

Shakti                                          10

Chang La                                     34

Durbuk                                          32

Tangste                                         09  Medical facilities available

Lukung                                          34

Spangmik                                      16

Pangong                                              No phone signals in this area

04. Route Pangong – Tsmoriri    ( No petrol pump on this route)

Spangmik                                      09

Man                                               12

Merak                                             04

Kakstet                                           16

Chushul                                          33

Tsaga La                                        20

Tsaga Village                                 23

Loma                                             22

Nayoma                                         25

Mahe                                              10

Sumdo                                            53

Tsmo Riri

The Motor Bike used by adventure lovers in this area is Royal Enfield 350cc. Four wheel drive Jeeps or SUVs,with high ground clearance, many have tried travelling by Sedans using their expert skills . Accommodation available in Leh, Kargil and Nubra are guest houses, camps and good hotels other places either camps or home stays in the local villages, for eating one has to depend upon the locals as there are no dhabas and restaurants at most of the places .

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Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2015

The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra year 2015 the registration for the Yatra  is announced by the Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India . The yatra will be in groups starting from 08 June till 09 September with 25 days trip old route Lipulekh Pass (Uttrakhand) and will be of 23 days from new route Nathu La Pass (Sikkim) .

Holy Mt. Kailash & Lake Mansarovar

Govt. of India accepts and screen the applications and selects the yatris with a strict criteria of health and physical fitness as one is to trek across the Great Himalaya to enter into Tibet area of China with restricted number of yatris to travel in batches of 60 from old route and batches of 50 from the new route .

Still there are pilgrims who are unable to get into the list and also are not keen on taking up a journey of 20 days on foot in Himalayas.

We have tied up with experts in Nepal and China to take care of the sacred Mt. Kailash – Mansarovar Yatra for the Indian nationals to travel from Kathmandu . We have been successfully organizing Yatra Chardham in Himalayas for the past 25 years along with high altitude  trekking in Ladakh ,  Sri Amarnath Ji and Everest Base camp in Nepal .

In our package it is only for three days the parikarma of Holy Kailash, one is to walk / trek or one can take horse or Yak to perform the parikarma the whole journey is completed in 13 days .

One must remember that it is one of the most difficult pilgrimage travel where one is to climb up to 18600 ft. where the oxygen is thin and it is very cold in the snow, one must get a through checkup and must get a Certificate from a family doctor about the body fitness to face the harsh weather. One must start physical exercises, yoga Pranayam breathing exercises along with walking with good waterproof  boots at least two months before taking the pilgrimage as  two-three  nights yatris are to stay in tents, walk for the Circumbulation  (day1, 12 km, day2, 21 km, day3, 14km) the mules and Yaks are available if one want to hire at extra cost. This journey is strictly NOT for the people with Heart and Breathing problems .

Our all pilgrimage tours are accompanied by not only the experts in the Himalaya  but also the Purohits  who help you perform the puja in the way as mentioned in our Vedic Texts. It is said that performing a puja at Mt. Kailash on a full moon day is the most auspicious , please select your dates accordingly .

All our packages are of 12 nights with arrival / departure Kathmandu by bus and travel in the China region is also by bus, from the year 2013 Govt. of China is not allowing to travel by  Jeeps . We organize  by air, Helicopter Yatra as well, starting from Lucknow / Kathmandu .

We have fixed departures for the year 2015 following dates for trip by road from Kathmandu ( Nepal )

Arrival Kathmandu       Dep. for Kailash     Departure for home

29 April                            01 May                     11 May

09 May                            11 May                      21 May

25 May                            13 June                     24 June

27 June                           29 June                     10 July

07 July                            09 July                       20 July

26 July                            28 July                       08 August

05 August                       07 August                  18 August

24 August                       26 August                   06 September

04 September                06 September            17 September

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Kaziranga Wildlife Assam closed for Rhino counting

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The Kaziranga Wildlife a World Heritage site home for single horn Asian Rhino is spread over 858 on both side of river Bhramputra flood plains with lots of grassland, wetlands and river islands formed by the shifting course of river . The park is divided into five ranges – Central (entry point at Kohora), Western (entry point at Bagori), Eastern (at Agratoli), Western-most Burha Pahar (at Ghorakati) and Northern. The first four lie on the southern side of the river while the last is on the northern bank.


Single horn Rhino at Kaziranga Wildlife

How to reach : Rowraiah (Jorhat) is the nearest Airport which is 97 Kms. away and LGBI Airport (Guwahati) is 239 Kms. away. The road distances from nearest cities & towns to Kohora are from Jorhat is 89 Kms. from Nagaon is 96 Kms., from Guwahati is 219 Kms., from Golaghat is 73 Kms. and from Bokakhat is 21 Kms.

The Wildlife area will be closed for the Anual counting of Rhino population this year 2015 on 24 March till 26 March, no visitors will be allowed in the National park during this period. the number count of Rhinos in the park for the year 2014 was 2300 .

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