Kailash Mansarovar Yatra 2015

The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra year 2015 the registration for the Yatra  is announced by the Ministry of External Affairs Govt. of India . The yatra will be in groups starting from 08 June till 09 September with 25 days trip old route Lipulekh Pass (Uttrakhand) and will be of 23 days from new route Nathu La Pass (Sikkim) .

Holy Mt. Kailash & Lake Mansarovar

Govt. of India accepts and screen the applications and selects the yatris with a strict criteria of health and physical fitness as one is to trek across the Great Himalaya to enter into Tibet area of China with restricted number of yatris to travel in batches of 60 from old route and batches of 50 from the new route .

Still there are pilgrims who are unable to get into the list and also are not keen on taking up a journey of 20 days on foot in Himalayas.

We have tied up with experts in Nepal and China to take care of the sacred Mt. Kailash – Mansarovar Yatra for the Indian nationals to travel from Kathmandu . We have been successfully organizing Yatra Chardham in Himalayas for the past 25 years along with high altitude  trekking in Ladakh ,  Sri Amarnath Ji and Everest Base camp in Nepal .

In our package it is only for three days the parikarma of Holy Kailash, one is to walk / trek or one can take horse or Yak to perform the parikarma the whole journey is completed in 13 days .

One must remember that it is one of the most difficult pilgrimage travel where one is to climb up to 18600 ft. where the oxygen is thin and it is very cold in the snow, one must get a through checkup and must get a Certificate from a family doctor about the body fitness to face the harsh weather. One must start physical exercises, yoga Pranayam breathing exercises along with walking with good waterproof  boots at least two months before taking the pilgrimage as  two-three  nights yatris are to stay in tents, walk for the Circumbulation  (day1, 12 km, day2, 21 km, day3, 14km) the mules and Yaks are available if one want to hire at extra cost. This journey is strictly NOT for the people with Heart and Breathing problems .

Our all pilgrimage tours are accompanied by not only the experts in the Himalaya  but also the Purohits  who help you perform the puja in the way as mentioned in our Vedic Texts. It is said that performing a puja at Mt. Kailash on a full moon day is the most auspicious , please select your dates accordingly .

All our packages are of 12 nights with arrival / departure Kathmandu by bus and travel in the China region is also by bus, from the year 2013 Govt. of China is not allowing to travel by  Jeeps . We organize  by air, Helicopter Yatra as well, starting from Lucknow / Kathmandu .

We have fixed departures for the year 2015 following dates for trip by road from Kathmandu ( Nepal )

Arrival Kathmandu       Dep. for Kailash     Departure for home

29 April                            01 May                     11 May

09 May                            11 May                      21 May

25 May                            13 June                     24 June

27 June                           29 June                     10 July

07 July                            09 July                       20 July

26 July                            28 July                       08 August

05 August                       07 August                  18 August

24 August                       26 August                   06 September

04 September                06 September            17 September

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