Kaziranga Wildlife Assam closed for Rhino counting

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The Kaziranga Wildlife a World Heritage site home for single horn Asian Rhino is spread over 858 sq.km. on both side of river Bhramputra flood plains with lots of grassland, wetlands and river islands formed by the shifting course of river . The park is divided into five ranges – Central (entry point at Kohora), Western (entry point at Bagori), Eastern (at Agratoli), Western-most Burha Pahar (at Ghorakati) and Northern. The first four lie on the southern side of the river while the last is on the northern bank.


Single horn Rhino at Kaziranga Wildlife

How to reach : Rowraiah (Jorhat) is the nearest Airport which is 97 Kms. away and LGBI Airport (Guwahati) is 239 Kms. away. The road distances from nearest cities & towns to Kohora are from Jorhat is 89 Kms. from Nagaon is 96 Kms., from Guwahati is 219 Kms., from Golaghat is 73 Kms. and from Bokakhat is 21 Kms.

The Wildlife area will be closed for the Anual counting of Rhino population this year 2015 on 24 March till 26 March, no visitors will be allowed in the National park during this period. the number count of Rhinos in the park for the year 2014 was 2300 .

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