Triyugi Narayan Temple, Yatra Chardham Uttrakhand

Triyugi Narayan temple / village is situated near Gauri Kund about 15 km by motorable road at a height of 1980 meters ( 6500 ft.). Architect of this temple resembles the Sri Kedarnath temple, built by Adi Shankarachrya, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, having a silver image two foot tall accompanied by Ma Lakshmi and Ma Saraswati. This temple is witness to the celestial marriage of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati. Lord Vishnu completed all the formalities of as a brother and Lord Brhama creator of world as a priest in the presence of “Rishis” sages of that time , the place is marked by a stone called Brhama Shila .

Triyugi Narayan Temple Uttrakhand

Pilgrims offer “Samidha” the pure fire wood at a square “Hawan kund ” Fire place to the eternal flame which is supposed to be burning since the marriage of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati. It is also known as “Akhand Dhooni”

The eternal Flame at Triyugi Narayan Temple

Before the marriage ceremony the Gods took bath at three different “Kunds” small ponds, the Rudra kund, the Vishnu kund and the Brahma kund, these three ponds are recharged by inflow of Saraswati Kund , legend is it originated from Lord Vishnu’s navel .

Saraswati Kund under the canopy, Triyugi Narayan Temple

Lord Brhama had a bath at Brhama Kund before the marriage of Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati .

The Brhama Kund , Triyugi Narayan Temple

Lord Vishnu had a bath at Vishnu kund before performing the ceremonies as brother of Ma Parvati at marriage .

Vishnu Kund , Triyugi Narayan Temple

All other Devas and Rishis had a bath at the Rudra kund to participate and be witness to Lord Shiva and Ma Parvati marriage.

Rudra Kund, Triyugi Narayan Temple

Triyugi Narayan is suppose to be the capital of King Himavat ( Himalaya) during the Satya Yug. After the death of Ma Sati, Lord Shiva’s first wife, Ma Parvati was the rebirth of Ma Sati, at first she tried to win the Lord with her beauty but could not succeed she did penance “meditate” at Gauri kund and finally Lord proposed to her at Gupt Kashi and then the marriage was solemnized at Triyugi Narayan at her father’s place

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On way to Yamunotri, Janki Chatti, Uttrakhand

Jankichatti is a last village on trek to Yamunotri , situated at a height of 2650 meters from sea, it is 218 km from Rishikesh , earlier the trek use to start from Hanumanchatti but after the widening of road buses are allowed till Jankichatti. It is from here the pilgrims hire mules , ponies or palanquins . There are good number of guest houses and dharamshalas .

Jankichatti village, bus stand, Yamuna River

Till about 30 years ago the old trekking route to Yamunotri was from the Kharsali village , a Guajrati lady named Janki Bai got a temple made, she also offered two silver Deepdan ( Silver Pots with stand)  still in use at the main Yamunotri temple and helped in facilities for the pilgrims , the Govt. recorded this place as Janki Mai Chatti to pay her a respect which is now called as the Janki Chatti.

There is a Ram temple famous for the hot water spring , pilgrims do take a bath before starting the trek for Yamunotri.

One can also make Janki Chatti as a base camp for Sapt Rishi Kund trek which is at the base of Kalind Mountain of  Banderpunch it is a Glacial lake 19 km from Janki Chatti  a two days trek . Other famous trek is the Dodi Tal trek from the Kharsali village side it is 25 km one way and takes two nights stay , one can have the excellent views of Banderpunch and Swargrohini peaks from here.

Just across the river Yamuna is  a helipad at village Kharsali, which is operational during the yatra seasons, this village is also a winter seat of Ma Yamunotri .

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Yatra Chardham – Joshimath

Joshimath is also called the Jyotirmath established as one of the four main “pithas” by the Adi Shankaracharya in four different places in India the other three are Shrigeri in South , Puri in East and Dwarka in west. It is at a height of 1890 meters from sea on the Rishikesh – Badrinath  highway 220 km from Rishikesh and Badrinath is further 42  km, it is situated at the confluence of river Alaknanda and  Dhauli Ganga the Vishnu Prayag. This town is also the winter seat of Sri Badrinath at the Vasudeva Temple, other important temples are the Lord Narshimha the incarnation of lord Vishnu, the Hanumaan , the Gaurishankar, the Ganesha, the Nau Devi and the Surya .

Around Joshimath

This place is famous for base camp for many treks , Auli is at 3940 meters from sea level , from Joshimath there is a Asia’s longest 4 km Ropeway to reach here , it has the famous Ski slopes beautiful views of Nanda Devi peak , Mana and Kamet also a close view of the peak Hathi Ghora Palki and behind it the Neelkanth.  There are many trekking routes starts from here , the Gorson, Tali and Kauri Pass, Khulara and Tapovan. Valley of Flowers can be reached from here upto Govindghat by road and the trek 14 kms to Ghangharia and then three km trek to the Valley of Flowers, from Ghangharia the Hemkund sahib the famous Sikh shrine and a temple dedicated to Laxman the younger brother of Lord Ram is situated , it is the place where Tenth Sikh Guru Gobind Singh Ji meditated in his previous birth which he mentioned in his book Bichitra Natak.  Nanda Devi National Park is 24 km from here. Oldest tree in India the Kalpvriksh since the time of Adi Shankracharya is in Joshimath.

Most of the pilgrims stay a night at Joshimath before proceeding for Sri Badrinath , Sri Hemkund Sahib or Valley of Flowers journey and Lokpal Temple trek, it is a single road from here and traffic is allowed turn by turn in both direction for two hours.

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Sri Kedarnath Trek preparations for 2015

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The Govt. officials with their team are working with full strength to make sure that the pilgrims do not face any problems at Sri Kedarnath Yatra starting from 23 April 2015 , photos shared by Mr. Narender Singh Negi .

Sri Kedarnath Ji Temple photograph on 22 April 2015

There was a snowfall on 22 April 2015 at Sri Kedarnath Ji and around the mountains , the clearing of snow near the Holy Shrine of Lord Shiva is on full swing.

Making pathway , clearing snow at Sri Kedarnath Ji

The 15 km trek starting from Gauri Kund to Rambara is 7 Km , from here the pilgrims will cross the Mandakini river a trek to Limchuli and then To Sri Kedarnath .

The trek from Gauri Kund to Sri Kedarnath


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Yatra Chardham year 2015 for Senior Citizens

 Yatra Chardham for the year 2015 starts from 20 April , Kapats ( Doors) opens Sri Yamunotri and Sri Gangotri 21 April , Sri Kedarnath 23 April and Sri Badrinath 26 April

The Yatra Chardham which is the devout wish of an any Sanatan Hindu , Shivaite or Vishnuite is done in the Gharwal region of Uttrakhand state of North India, since 1980 we are making the travel arrangements for pilgrims in this area, I have seen the Senior Citizens accompanying their families and trying to keep a pace with the youngsters to make their pilgrimage to these holy places, not knowing about the difficulties, unpredictable weather and the high altitude sickness because of thin air and less oxygen,  in travel and quite often it is the high emotional feeling of doing it by foot as a devotional duty towards the God.

Puja at Hardwar












The entire journey which is performed by the people from all over India gathers at Haridwar or Rishikesh starts the 12 -14 days journey within the Himalayas with almost every day travelling around 200-250 kms. on single road which are prone to land slides, falling rocks, heavy rains or may be simply the heavy traffic in both directions on road and once we reach the destination may be one is to wait in a queue to have a pooja or just a darshan of few minutes,  choice of food is the major problem, fresh vegetables and milk are rare, one is to compromise on whatever is available and most important the good comfortable place where one can have full rest at night and facilities of daily use.


Sri Badrinath Ji Temple at night

Quite often, Senior Citizens are unable to travel because someone from their family is not accompanying them, the entire  journey is comfortable and our experienced representative is with the Seniors, hiring of a vehicle with good ground clearance and comfortable seats, there are breaks in the journey at places where there are good facilities and good refreshments available, a prior information about the medical needs of person travelling, contacts of medical facilities available on the route which may be helpful in case of any emergencies. Food served on this route is vegetarian, the accommodations is on ground floor with hot water in the bathrooms, beds are soft and warm, places are at high altitude, heaters and fire in the rooms are not allowed, providing guests with hot water bottles to keep the body warm in the bed. Accommodations are selected close to the  roads .

Palki being carried by the porters at Yamunotri

At Yamunotri, arrangements of Palki, it is carried by four porters, Phata to Kedarnath is by helicopter and if desired the distance from helipad to the main shrine is arranged by a porter carrying a person in a basket chair, Gangotri and Badrinath are at comfortable walking distance, at all shrines arrangement of  priority darshan.

Good warm clotheswoolen sockswoolen cap and gloves are must, before going to the pilgrimage. Good water-proof shoes should be worn and one must use them at least 15 days before starting the journey,  sandals  and slippers should not be used for walking (Trekking) , wind cheater or rain coat is always recommended, one must drink a lot of water because most of pilgrims fall ill due to dehydration and Cold .

Sri Gangotri Temple

There are many places on the way worth visiting , Kharsali ( Lord Shani Temple), Harsil ( Mahaprayag of Nine rivers with Bhagirathi) Rudraprayag ( Maharishi Narad learnt to play Rudra Veena from from Lord Shiva ), Pandukeshwar ( Pandva brothers were born here) and many more places on the way.

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Kedarnath Food and Tents at Sabsidised Rates

The Govt of Uttrakhand has made arrangements for 1000 bed accommodation at Sri Kedarnath and another 1500 bed accommodation will be available for the pilgrims at Limchuli for the Yatra period 2015

Sri Kedarnath Temple

Rs. 50/- per bed, Breakfast Rs. 30/- Lunch/Dinner Rs.50/- will be charged from the pilgrims, in addition to the arrangements at Sri Kedarnath , the 15 km trek from Gauri Kund to Rambara then to Limchuli till the main shrine there are around 100 Govt. run shops and canteens on the route to serve the pilgrims.

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Yatra Chardham year 2015 New route to Sri Kedarnath

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The Yatra Chardham in Uttrakhand Himalayas for the year 2015 starts from 20 April 2015 , with the opening of the Kapat ( Doors) at Dhams on following dates  Sri Yamunotri Dham  21 APRIL, Sri Gangotri Dham 21 APRIL, Sri Kedarnath Dham 23 APRIL, Sri Badrinath Ji Dham 26 APRIL

Sri Badrinath Temple

Sri Badrinath Temple will open on 26 April 2015

Sri Gangotri Temple

Sri Gangotri Ji Temple will open on 21 April 2015

The roads from Rishikesh / Dharsu Bend  to Uttarkashi are in  good conditions , a new bridge over the river  Bhagirathi, near Matli is constructed , the soft road area which are prone to land slides in Maneri and Gangani remains travel worthy , in case of  heavy rains one is to take precautions while driving in this area and follow the instructions from the Police and Local Administration .

Sri Kedarnath Temple

Sri Kedarnath Ji Temple will open on 23 April 2015

In the year 2013 floods the trekking route got washed away form Gaurikund to Sri Kedarnath Ji . In the year 2014 a longer  route was opened for the pilgrims starting from Son Prayag to Limchuli and then to Sri Kedarnath on the left bank of River Mandakini was taking three days of trekking journey with a night halt at Limchuli  . The work for the shorter route is on full swing now for the Yatra year 2015. Army helicopters are ferrying the equipment, diesel for the generators for the construction sites .  The pilgrims will start the trek from Gauri Kund to Rambara  07 km. ( Seven kilometer) on the Right bank of river Mandakini and from Rambara  pilgrims will cross the river Mandakini to reach Limchuli 05 Km ( Five kilometer) , from here onward there is a normal walk and no climbing on a well prepared broad trek of 03 km ( Three kilometer ) to Sri Kedarnath Ji. The buildings which were not damaged during the floods of year 2013 are being repaired and arrangements are being made to house five thousand yatris ( pilgrims) near the Shrine , more  facilities will be available at Limchuli for a night stay  .

Yamunotri TempleSri Yamunotri Ji temple will open on 21 April 2015

There was very little  dammage to the roads during the 2013 floods in Yamunotri area , now all roads and treks are in good condition from Dharsu Bend till Janki Chatti and the the Six kilometer trek is well prepared to receive the yatris ( pilgrims)

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Sri Badrinath road conditions Yatra for 2015

The Yatra Chardham of Gharwal region of Uttrakhand will start from 22 April this year, Govt. of Uttrakhand is making all efforts to prepare the roads well before the yatra . Mr. Vineet Sanwal our representative during the yatra period at Sri Badrinath who lives in Pandukeshwar updated us with the photographs the work in progress in the region.

Clearing of Snow by Border Road Organisation, Joshimath-Sri Badrinath Highway


Clearing of Snow on Joshimath-Sri Badrinath Highway April 2015

The Border Roads Organisation has cleared the road till Hanuman Chatti on Joshimath – Sri Badrinath Highway and other Govt. agencies are in full swing to prepare the road to have a smooth comfortable journey for the pilgrims who will start reaching here from 22 April 2015 onward .

Mr. B.D.Singh at Sri Badrinath main entrance April 2015

Mr. B.D. Singh the Chief Executive of The Sri Badrinath Temple Committee visited the valley last week to check the work process and arrangements, he flew in a helicopter from Joshimath with few other members .

Birds eye view of Sri Badrika Van Valley , Sri Badrinath covered under snow April 2015


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Dwarka, Somnath Highway Bridge collapsed

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The main link road Dwarka to Somnath the Highway 8E is blocked due to the bridge over river Bhadra collapsed on the midnight of 7th April 2015. this place is about 30 km from Porbandar , 130 km from Dwarka and 120 km from Somnath .

The traffic between Dwarka/ Porbandar to Somnath is diverted from Porbandar to reach Junagarh and then take the Junagarh – Somnath Highway, this diversion is additional 60 km , 3 hrs. extra time.

Collapsed Bridge over river Bhadra , Dwarka-Somnath Highway


Collapsed portion of Bridge over Bhadra river, Dwarka-Somnath Highway


Collapsed Bridge of Bhadra river , Dwarka-Somnath highway

The wetlands of Bhadra river around this bridge is very famous for bird watchers , the migratory birds from as far as Siberia start arriving around October, they spend the winters here and start flying back to their home early March ever year.

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Somnath – Dwarka Highway Bhadar river bridge fallen

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National Highway 8E is very busy road is used by people  traveling from Dwarka to Porbandar,  Somnath , Viraval , Bhavnagar , Sasan Gir is disturbed now, the bridge over river Bhadar, situated at 130 km from Dwarka , 30 km from Porbandar and 120 km from Somnath collapsed on the night of 07 April 2015 .


Fallen Bhadra river Bridge on Dwarka-Porbandar-Somnath Highway

People now travelling from Dwarka to Somnath will have to take a diversion from Porbandar to reach Junagarh and then take the Junagarh – Somnath highway, this diversion has increased the travel distance by 65 km and travel time by two hrs.

The wetlands of Bhadra river near this bridge are very famous for its migratory birds during the winters .

Bhadra river which flows in Gujarat originates near Jasdan , flowing for about 200 km in the West direction and meets the Arabian sea at the Western Ghats forming the backwaters and a lake near this bridge.

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