Majuli|Mishing Traditional Apong Beer

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Apong is the traditional rice beer ( country liquor) of Mishing tribe of Majuli , Apong forms an integral part of the culture, traditions and rituals of the Mishings , it is an integral part of the life of the Mishing people. It is brewed in every Mishing household.

Prepration for Apong ( Beer) , Mishing Tribe Majuli Island

Prepration for Apong ( Beer) , Mishing Tribe Majuli Island

Apong is prepared by fermenting rice, it comes in two types – Nogin Apong and Poro Apong. The Nogin Apong is whitish in colour, while Poro Apong has a dark greenish colour.

Rice and burnt husk , Apong , Majuli Island

The method of preparation is different, the two Apongs  differ in their taste and colour , sophistication involved in brewing rice beer were not only herbs but even the ladies preparing it can change the taste with its moods.

Herbs are part of brew Apong, Majuli Island


Each house lady has its own taste of brew and recipe is a close secret of a family, each family member enjoys it even the new born kids are given few drops of it to prevent many diseases among the infants.

Preparing for Brew , Mishing tribe lady, Majuli Island

During Ali-Aye Ligang festival it is offered along with chickens and pork to please the spirits and seek their blessings


the beer pots

One can reach Majuli from Jorhat by road to Nimatighat and then a ferry 1.30 hrs. sailing to cross the river Brahmaputra reach Kamalabari Ghat , there are Jeep/bus service available for Gramurh , it is also a port of call for river cruise M.V. Mahabaahu .

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