Varaha Temple Khajuraho Madhya Pradesh

The Varaha Temple dedicated to the third incarnation of lord Vishnu built by the Chandela King Yashaovarman in around 900 to 950 AD Built on a lofty plinth a simple modest pavilion , pyramidal roof of receding tiers resting over fourteen pillars made of sand stone , located just opposite to the Lakshmana temple of Love  .

Varaha tempel Khajuraho

Varaha is the third Avatar ( Incarnation) of the Lord Vishnu, appeared  to defeat Hiranyaksha , a demon who had taken the Earth ( Prithvi ) and carried it to the bottom of  the cosmic ocean . The battle between Varaha and Hiranyaksha is believed to have lasted for a thousand years, which the Lord Vishnu  finally won. Varaha carried the Earth out of the cosmic ocean between his tusks and restored it to its place in the universe. Varaha incarnation of Lord Vishnu married Prithvi ( Bhudevi ) in this avatar.

Varaha with Goddess Saraswati between mouth and nose with Veena , disfigured Bhudevi between the fore legs

The Varaha sculpture is colossal and monolithic and made of sandstone , the entire body 2.6 mtrs long and 1.7 mtrs. tall is covered with small images of Gods and Goddesses  in all there are  674 deities in 12 neatly carved rows symbolism to  the collective  power of these individuals  to the Lords Incarnation as Varaha to save the Bhudevi ( Prithvi ) the earth .

Varaha incarnation of Lord Vishnu with 674 carved images of God and Goddesses on its body

Goddess Sarasvati  playing Veena is carved between nose and mouth, Shesh Nag  (the Serpent ) is lying at the bottom between the legs, facing the Varaha a disfigured image of Bhudevi (The  Earth) can be seen sitting  below Seshnaga, the serpent is depicted in a devotional posture.

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Rani Rupmati’s Mosque|Ahemdabad

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Rani Rupmati’s Mosque was constructed during the period of 1430 to 1440 AD by Sultan Mohammad Begada, the princess of Dhar who married the Sultan of Ahmedabad , it is an oldest mosque of the city. The special features of this mosque represents a blend of Hindu and Muslim Popularly known as Masjid-e-Nagina .

Rani Rupmati's Mosque , Ahemdabad

Rani Rupmati’s Mosque , Ahemdabad

Its Architecturecmakes it stand out above all others. Its impressive domes, carved galleries and tall minarates. The three domes are duly supported by twelve pillars each, the one in the central position has openings for natural light which illuminates the mosque.The ceiling of the dome is beautified with the Hindu style patterns.


The combination of Hindu and Islamic patterns , Rupmati's Mosque

The combination of Hindu and Islamic patterns , Rupmati’s Mosque

The side entrances in the mosque open out in balcony windows on either side and end in a lattice window.

Rani Rupmati's mosque , Jali and Jharokha , Ahemdabad

Rani Rupmati’s mosque , Jali and Jharokha , Ahemdabad

Rani Rupvati's mosque , patterns of Hindu and Islamic designs

Rani Rupvati’s mosque , patterns of Hindu and Islamic designs


The mausoleum built to the northeast of the mosque, considered to be that of Rani Rupmati, has a higher central part supported by 12 pillars and lower corridors surrounding it. The mausoleum built to the northeast of the mosque, considered to be that of Rani Rupmati,  It is a building on a square plan , the four corners of the roofs of the corridors, there are four small domes.

Tomb of Rani Rupvati within the mosque complex

Tomb of Rani Rupvati within the mosque complex

One can visit any time except for the prayer time when only muslims for prayers gather here , parking is a problem here as it is located near a market and busy road .

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Dandi Hanuman Ji Temple, Bet Dwarka, Gujarat

Dandi Hanuman Ji temple is situated in Bet Dwarka island about 5 km from the main temple of Lord Krishna , this temple is unique as it is the only temple where Lord Hanuman Ji  though Brhamchari ( bachelor)  is with his son Makardhwaj , without his Mugdhar (Mace). It is a small temple at a spot where Lord Hanuman Ji met his son for the first time  in the sands of Gulf of Kutch at the entrance of Patal lok

Dandi Hanuman Ji Temple Bet Dwarka , Gujarat

The image of Makardhwaj is on the left side taller than his father Lord Hanuman  on a closer look one finds Makardhwaj image is full but Hanuman Ji is shown above the thighs between the two there is one Dand (club)  instead of Gada (mace). Makardhwaj left leg is little raised and crushing a demons skull  tail is resting on ground. Right hand is raised above the shoulder in blessing form and left hand is on chest / heart Lord Hanuman Ji right hand is raised above the shoulder and resting on the back of head, left hand is resting on chest/heart , tail is raised above the right shoulder and face is shown in a relaxed mood.

Makardhwaj and Dandi Hanuman Ji , Bet Dwarka , Gujarat

The legend is that  at the time of Ram and Ravan battle , the twin step brothers Ahi Ravan and Mahi Ravan of Ravan disguised them self as Vibhishan and Jamvant , kidnapped Lord Ram and Laxman and took them to Paatal Lok to sacrifice them to their deity , Lord Hanuman went in search and reached the Paatal entrance where he was challenged by a Vanara ( monkey) , upon asking who he is he identified himself as son of Lord Hanuman Ji . Hnuman Ji was Bharamchari ( bachlor ) upon asking him if he ever met his father and how he is father because he is a bachelor , Makardhwaj replied that when Hanuman Ji burnt Lanka with his tail and went to the sea to dip his tail in the water to extinguish the fire at that time the sweat from his body dropped and a  it was swallowed by a Magar (Crocodle ) and he was born in the kitchen of his foster mother Chandersena  who is in service of  the demon twin brothers and he is also employed by them to not to allow any one to enter the Paatal Lok , at this point Lord Hanuman Ji gave his introduction and wanted to enter , hearing the noise Chandersena came out and upon knowing the story agreed to help Lord Hanuman Ji  and after killing the twin brothers Lord Hanuman Ji bring Lord Ram and Laxman back to the safe place , before leaving, upon the request of Chandersena they made Makardhwaj the King of Paatal Lok .

Legend is Lord Krishna requested Lord Hanuman Ji and his son Makardhwaj to take care of security of Bet Dwarka .

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Lakhpat City, Kutch,Gujarat

Lakhpat once a port on the Arabian sea at the junction of Kori creek and Rann of Kutch. It was abandoned after the 1819 AD strong earthquake which changed the flow of  Sindhu (Indus) River  towards further North and a natural dam known as the Allahbund  was formed due to which the Great Rann got dried up . It is in north-west corner of Kutch is an almost dilapidated old town that speaks of a glorious past. Lakhpat, the literal meaning of which is city of millionaires is now nothing, but a small village that is inhabited by a few hundreds and serves as an outpost of the India Border Security Force ( BSF) facing Pakistan. If weather is clear one can see the notorious Harami Nalah from the post

Bhuj waro Nako , Entrance Lakhpat town , Kutch, Gujarat

Lakhpat is surrounded by a 7 km fortified wall , believed to have been built by Rao Lakhpatji in the middle of the 18th century and extended further under the supervision of the Army Commander Fatheh Mohmmad in 1801 AD. to defend the kingdom as well as the port from invasions by Sindhi rulers, the walls of the fort are still intact for the most part. The Bhuj Waro Nako , gate opens towards Bhuj , collection on Toll both here  from the  visitors and traders was 1 Lakh Kori to the Lakhpat town , it was well guarded by soldiers. Near Lakhpat was Koteri (Kotri) a landing place on the bank of river  Sindhu ( Indus ) where  ferryboats regularly sailed ,  loaded with cattle and merchandise. From Koteri, the goods were transported on camels to the eastern part of the Indus delta, and distributed throughout the inhabited districts of the Thar.


Lakhpat , fortified walls , Rann Kutch Kori creek side

Guru Nanak Dev ji stayed at Lakhpat  during his trips to Mecca and Medina (Saudi Arabia). This place was a  seat of the Udasi Panth until 1972 under the Last Sevadar Baba Mool Dass Hari Dass . ( Udasi Panth  was founded by Sri Chand son of Guru Nanak Dev Ji  ) . Rare treasures are  preserved  including the “Charan Paduka” – Khadvas (wooden footwear) that belonged to Guru Nanak Dev ji.  The present structure is plastered and painted but old wooden doors, pillars and roof are intact and converted into a Gurudwara , there are few lines scripted in LariGurmukhi on walls, it came out when layers of plaster was removed, this script is no more in use. In 16th century it was an important departure point for Muslims making Hajj to Medina and Mecca  at that time Lakhpat was known as “Basta Bander”

Gurudwara Lakhpat , Kutch, Gujarat

A Sufi Saint Pir Gaus Mohammad equally respected by Hindu and Muslim community A Thirteenth Hijra century poet- lived in Lakhpat, Kutch, Sindh. He passed away in 1873 AD / 1290 AH  he was known as a great healer and for his songs about Lord Krishna. Pir Manthar Shah was a contemporary poet and an associate to Pir Ghous Mohammed also lived in Lakhpat . A black stone structure is having beautiful carvings ,  It is an octagonal, domed structure with four entrances, the inner walls are decorated with verses from the Koran using beautiful calligraphy.


Pir Gaus Mohammad Tomb / Kuba

There another beautiful white stone carvings  tomb of  Hazrat Pir Abu Turab Kadri with Central big dome and eight smaller domes , beautiful wooden carved doors and Jalis , he died in 1236 AH

Tomb of Hazrat Pir Shah Abu Turab Kadri


Hatkeshwar Temple Lakhpat , Gujarat

Hatkeshwar Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva  houses fossilized shells . There are three Talavs (Water bodies) inside the fort  Brahmasar, Nagrai and Champasar ,  the first  two when over flowed  fill the third. All the Talavs receives fresh rainwater and has been a source of drinking water the first two Talav were used for bathing and washing purposes. Champasar Talav water was used for cattle and animals .

There are about 70 Muslim families and 10 Hindu families  living in Lakhpat and all Muslim and Hindu festivals are celebrated together , in particular the Navaratri festival when the entire Lakhpat performs the Dandia dances together for eight nights as told  by Abu Bhai only postman of  Lakhpat , till 2005 there was a post office which is now shifted to Gadudi 20 km away, most of the families are in fishing and few are in agriculture job .

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How Hotels Fill All Unsold Rooms

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Buying Hotel Rooms from your Travel Agent may save you over 50%

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Travel Agent is also your Travel Consultant who provides you with all the information about the destination , transport rates and places one can visit and what one may add to get the best out of your money .

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Teli Ka Mandir , Telang Mandir , Gwalior

Teli Ka Mandir or Telang Mandir was built in 8th Century during the period of King Mihir Bhoj  .The structure of the temple presents a perfect fusion of the Northern and Southern architectural styles of India. The ‘Shikhar’ (spire) of the temple is  Dravidian in its style, whereas the ornamentation is done in the Nagara style (specific to North India). Teli Ka mandir  doesn’t have any ‘Mandap’ or pillared hall. The temple comprises a Garbha Griha  a porch and a doorway.

Teli Ka Mandir , Telang Mandir Gwalior Fort

Teli Ka Mandir is 100 feet  the tallest and most stunning temple in the  Gwalior Fort. The temple is actually dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the form of his mount, Garuda. A  honeycomb design with a series of receding pointed arches within an arch. The entrance door has a Toran or archway with  images of river goddesses Yamuna and Ganga, romantic couples, foliation decoration and a Garuda . Diamond and lotus designs are seen on the horizontal band at the top of the arch

Entrance to the Garbha Griha , Teli Ka Mandir

Within the rectangular structure is a shrine with no pillared pavilions   with a Barrel Vaulted or  Valabhi roof 25 meters (82 ft) in height. Figures of amorous couples, coiled serpents, on the doorway one can see the ladies from a royal family sailing in a decorated  boat , one  of the maid having an umbrella for shade , above it are coiled snakes   .  At the  The central position on the doorway is dominated by the figure of flying Garuda.

Torana or Arched door way at Teli Ka mandir

There are legends about the name of this temple . One says  it was made from donation of a Oil merchant who locally called Teli, given its name Teli’s Temple. The other story says as it was built form princes from Telengana (region in South India) it is called Teli Ka Mandir. One more  story says, “Teli Ka Mandir” term came as this Rajput Temple according to some legends, Rashtrakuta Govinda III conquered the Fort in 794 AD . He then handled the rites of religious ceremonies and rituals to Telang Brahmins , it seems to be true because of its fusion of Indo Aryan and Dravidian architecture from the Telangana region .

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