Sankar Gompa , Leh , Ladakh

Sankar Gompa the official residence of the head of Gelukpa Sect of Buddhists in Ladakh The Kushok Bakula Renpoche  he died in 2004  , this monastery is branch of Spituk Monastery

Sankar Gompa official residence Head of Gelugpa Sect. in Leh


The main entrance of Courtyard attracts the visitors for its beautiful  decorations. The left wall  is having a “Wheel of Life”, held by Yama. The other side  is the Dukhang, decorated  with paintings of Guardian of the Four Directions, a throne reserved for the head monk of monastery.  This Buddhist monastery have fabulous collection of exquisite paintings and murals of the Guardian divinities of the Four Quarters of Heaven, the Old Man of Longevity, the Wheel of Life and Sakyamuni Buddha with his sixteen sages and thirty-five benevolent Buddhas. There is also statue of Avalokiteshwara Padmahari with 1,000 heads and arms and Yamantaka (God of Death). Sankar Gompa also treasures Kanshur, 108 volumes of Buddha’s teaching and idols of three Buddhas – Sakyamuni, the Present Buddha and Maitreya (Future Buddha).

Inside the Sankar Gompa


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