Kailash Mansarovar Yatra from Kathmandu for Indian nationals

Holy Mt. Kailash

Every year thousand of pilgrims from believers of  Sanatan Dharma Hinduism , Bon, Buddhism and Jains pay their respectful visit to Holy Mount  Kailash , Lake Mansarovar and Lake Rakshas Tal in Tibet region of China following thousands of years traditions of their faith.

According to Hinduism it is abode of Lord Shiva with his consort Maa ParvatiBon religion believe the sacred mountain to be the place where the founder of the their religion landed from the sky.  Tibetan Buddhists believe Kang Rinpoche ( Snow Mountain), is a natural mandala representing the Buddhist cosmology on the earth . It is called  Mt. Sumeru or Meru Parvat in Jainism , next to the Mt. is Ashtpada the site where the first Tirthankar Rishabhdev attained the Nirvana .

One must remember that it is one of the most difficult pilgrimage travel  where the trek ( Kora )starts from Darchen at a height of 15000 ft. and one is to climb up to 18600 ftDolma La  Pass where the oxygen is thin and it is very cold in the snow , one must get a through checkup and must get a Certificate from a family doctor about the body fitness to face the harsh weather. One must start physical exercises , yoga Pranayam breathing   exercises along with walking with good waterproof  boots at least two months before taking the pilgrimage as  two-three  nights yatris are to stay in tents, walk for the Circumbulation  (day 1 , 12 km and day 2, 21 km) the mules and Yaks are available if one want to take. This journey is strictly NOT for the people with Heart  and Breathing problems .

The Mount Kailash range is source of four rivers of Asia , Indus , Satluej , Karnali and Brahmaputra , the holy mount has the outer circumbulation ( Kora) of 52 km. Buddhist and Hindus travel Clockwise while the Bonpos do it counter clockwise , it takes three days to complete the Kora . It is surrounded by five Five Temples / Monasteries  , each is endowed with different legendary stories and decorated by distinctive sculptures, statues, murals, Thangkas and other Tibetan cultural objects  .One trek around Mt. Kailash and enjoy the grand views  of the valley and Mt. Kailash from all directions.

Trekking route Mt. Kailash

We have tied up with experts in Nepal and China to take care of the sacred Mt. Kailash – Mansarovar Yatra for the Indian nationals to travel from Kathmandu . We have been successfully organizing Yatra Chardham in Himalayas for the past 25 years along with high altitude  trekking in Ladakh ,  Sri Amarnath Ji and Everest Base camp trekking  in Nepal .

Our all pilgrimage tours are accompanied by not only the experts in the Himalaya  but also the Purohits  who help you perform the puja in the way as mentioned in our Vedic Texts. It is said that performing a puja at Mt. Kailash on a full moon day is the most auspicious , please select your dates accordingly .

All our packages are of 12 nights with arrival in Kathmandu and then  departure for yatra  by bus to Tibet the China region .

From the year 2013 Govt. of China is not allowing to travel by  Jeeps in Mansarovar and Kailash area .

We have fixed departures for the following dates , if there is group of 15 or more we can workout the suitable dates as per requirements.

Arrive Kathmandu       Return journey

30 JUN 2014                      12 JUL  2014

13 JUL 2014                       25 JUL 2014

27 JUL 2014                      08 AUG 2014

11 AUG 2014                     23 AUG 2014

29 AUG 2014                     10 SEP 2014

10 SEP 2014                       22 SEP 2014

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