Carbon taxes on Airlines flying over European Union

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EU imposes carbon taxes on airlines

The European Union has imposed carbon taxes on airlines in order to combat climate change and the fee has come into force from Jan 1, 2012.


EU imposes carbon taxes on airlines

All airlines flying to EU countries, are now obliged to get permits to cover their carbon emissions for the whole

length of a flight, as well as to monitor the emissions and to report.

They will get 85 percent of those permits for free, but the remaining 15 percent should be paid.

The EU has assured that the allocation of greenhouse gas emissions for the airlines will reduce their overall effect by five percent.

According to the European Commission, aviation accounts for about three percent of global carbon emissions.

Experts expect that the introduction of carbon taxes on airlines will lead to an increase in ticket prices for passengers,

from two to 12 euros ($2.5 to $15) on medium-range flights, and from four to 24 euros ($5 to $31) on transatlantic flights.

Source: IANS