Mandavi Beach, Vijay Vilas Palace, Kutch

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Mandavi is situated about 56 km from Bhuj  is about 400 years old city on the banks of Rukmavati river and touches the Gulf of Kutch established by the first Jadeja ruler Rao Khengar Ji , city got its name after  legendary Rishi ( Sage) Mandavya of Mahabharata  who lived here.  It was once a major port of the region and  has a very pleasant climate throughout the year it was a  summer retreat for Maharao (King) of the Kutch. Mandvi is a unique town which captures the true Gujrati – Kutch culture .

Vijay Vilas Palace, Mandavi, Kutch, Gujarat

Vijay Vilas Palace – Constructed in 1920 the palace is of Rajput architecture and plan is similar to Orcha and Datia palaces , set in the middle of well-laid gardens with water channels and marble fountains. This palace has been used in many Hindi films .

Tented Accommodation safe and close to nature


Natural surrounding , private and secure

The Vijay Vilas Palace owned and operated by the family of erstwhile Maharaja of Kutch  has its own private beach which offers air-conditioned tented accommodation. Being private with conditional access it is a must visit for all beach lovers who want to enjoy their privacy and admire its Eco-friendly layout , can have a barbecue on the beach yards away from the sea.

Private Beach shallow blue water


On the beach bar-be-que and restaurant

The beach is  with a difference, it is huge,clean and empty and one can walk for miles. The water here is very shallow, one can walk into the waters for quite a distance, and the water will still be below the waist, this makes it wonderful and safe for the kids , they can be left to play by themselves.

Cost effective and still virgin area as far as tourism is concerned one enjoys the royal luxuries away from the noise and fast moving metro life .

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Dandi Hanuman Ji Temple, Bet Dwarka, Gujarat

Dandi Hanuman Ji temple is situated in Bet Dwarka island about 5 km from the main temple of Lord Krishna , this temple is unique as it is the only temple where Lord Hanuman Ji  though Brhamchari ( bachelor)  is with his son Makardhwaj , without his Mugdhar (Mace). It is a small temple at a spot where Lord Hanuman Ji met his son for the first time  in the sands of Gulf of Kutch at the entrance of Patal lok

Dandi Hanuman Ji Temple Bet Dwarka , Gujarat

The image of Makardhwaj is on the left side taller than his father Lord Hanuman  on a closer look one finds Makardhwaj image is full but Hanuman Ji is shown above the thighs between the two there is one Dand (club)  instead of Gada (mace). Makardhwaj left leg is little raised and crushing a demons skull  tail is resting on ground. Right hand is raised above the shoulder in blessing form and left hand is on chest / heart Lord Hanuman Ji right hand is raised above the shoulder and resting on the back of head, left hand is resting on chest/heart , tail is raised above the right shoulder and face is shown in a relaxed mood.

Makardhwaj and Dandi Hanuman Ji , Bet Dwarka , Gujarat

The legend is that  at the time of Ram and Ravan battle , the twin step brothers Ahi Ravan and Mahi Ravan of Ravan disguised them self as Vibhishan and Jamvant , kidnapped Lord Ram and Laxman and took them to Paatal Lok to sacrifice them to their deity , Lord Hanuman went in search and reached the Paatal entrance where he was challenged by a Vanara ( monkey) , upon asking who he is he identified himself as son of Lord Hanuman Ji . Hnuman Ji was Bharamchari ( bachlor ) upon asking him if he ever met his father and how he is father because he is a bachelor , Makardhwaj replied that when Hanuman Ji burnt Lanka with his tail and went to the sea to dip his tail in the water to extinguish the fire at that time the sweat from his body dropped and a  it was swallowed by a Magar (Crocodle ) and he was born in the kitchen of his foster mother Chandersena  who is in service of  the demon twin brothers and he is also employed by them to not to allow any one to enter the Paatal Lok , at this point Lord Hanuman Ji gave his introduction and wanted to enter , hearing the noise Chandersena came out and upon knowing the story agreed to help Lord Hanuman Ji  and after killing the twin brothers Lord Hanuman Ji bring Lord Ram and Laxman back to the safe place , before leaving, upon the request of Chandersena they made Makardhwaj the King of Paatal Lok .

Legend is Lord Krishna requested Lord Hanuman Ji and his son Makardhwaj to take care of security of Bet Dwarka .

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Rann Utsav Runn Kutch Gujarat 2014 – 15

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The Great Rann of Kutch is in district of Kutch , Gujarat state of India , between the Gulf of Kutch and the Mouth of river Sindhu  ( Indus) in Pakistan , in between there is a vast flat land which is filled with sea water during the monsoons and when dried up around October a white sheet of salt gets deposit on the sea bed .The Rann Utsav which started in the winters of 2012 gained lots of success due to the activities available and close proximity to Rann  , this year the celebration are  starting from 06 December 2014 will go on till  05 March 2015 .

This festival or Utsav is organised to enjoy the  various colors of the Rann as well as get a taste of the local culture, cuisine and hospitality. Specially built local houses are also used to house tourists to give them a taste of Gujarat and Kutch to them.

Rann Kutch , the vast land of salt

 The beauty of Rann Kutch is enjoyed during the full moon nights when the wast land of salt sparkles like a white sheet all over up to where the eyes can see  . Full moon nights are 06 DEC 2014, 05 JAN 2015, 04 FEB 2015 and 02 MAR 2015 .


Sun Rise at Great Rann of Kutch

The Sunrise and Sunset at Rann are equally beautiful when Sun shows its different colors and white salt sparkles  with the changing colors


Full Moon Night at Great Rann of Kutch

Best is to stay during  full moon and increasing moon nights when the sky with full moon light and  the Rann with white surface gives a magical glow appearance

Stay in tents near Rann Kutch

Accommodation are available at the venue in Swiss tents , Luxury tents and nearby villages are always ready to accommodate the guests with their huts called Bunga specially prepared keeping in view of the requirements of an urban tourist , they serve the ethnic Kutchi delicacies served with Chach ( butter milk) Rotra ( Milet bread) White butter with local available vegetables .

Stay in a Bunga ( Kutch hut)

The Bunga are the huts constructed by using the mud and thatched roof , the interior walls and floor are plastered with mud mixed with caw dung and walls are painted with geometrical and flowers designs with a use of vegetable colors and small mirrors.

Mud paintings on wall of a Bunga ( Kutch Hut )

From here one can have the sightseeing trips to Pacham the island within desert surrounded three side with saline water with the highest point   Kalo Dungar peak one can enjoy the vastness of Rann from here  , Pakistan Border , Mandvi Sea Beach , Kot Lakhpat along with the Wildlife Safaris , Rann Safaris , Kutch Villages Dhordo and Hodka , villages famous for their finest embroidery styles , leather crafts and beautiful Bungas , one can also see the  the ancient process of water harvesting in the Banni dry-lands  .

The Chhari Dhand , shallow water bodies are locally known as dhand, jheel or talav , these attract lots of migratory birds in winter , with an area of almost 10 sq km. at Chhari Dhand there are more than 30,000 birds species like Dalmatian Pelican (Pelicanuscrispus), Oriental Darter (Anhingiarufa), Black necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchusasiaticus) and Indian Skimmer (Rynchopsalbicollis) migrate through these wetlands every year  32 species of Raptors have been recorded here, together with a large number of Common Cranes.

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