Wanla Gompa, Monastery,Ladakh

Wanla Gompa, Monastery is situated in Wanla village on a flat  ridge hill with a steep climb to the main building flanked by two shattered tower remnants of a 14th-century fortress. This Gompa is contemporary to the Gompas at Alchi built by Lhotsava   Rin-chen-bZang-Po in the early Eleventh centenary AD , it is considered to be most blessed Monastary in Ladakh and people from all over Ladakh come for a pilgrimage here. It is in the Khalsi  tehsil 65 km from Leh . One can reach by 4-5 hr. trek from Lamayuru .

Wanla Gompa, Monastery, Ladakh

There are three main structures but the middle structure is important it is similar in design and appearance to Sumtsek of Alchi , the windowless lower level is ventilated through a cut out hole in the middle of roof , the flat mud roof is supported by centrally placed wooden pillars with cross sections of columns on top. The upper levels are having small windows to provide light and ventilation in the rooms. One of the three building is actually tucked into a rock , it is a double story with stone base to give stability to the structure , rooms are in a line and can be reached by stairs, there is a balcony supported by a wooden frame.  the entire structure, wall paintings, decorations, woodcraft, subject and theme  are similar to that of Alchi.

Main Door to the Wanla Gompa Ladakh

It is one of the 108 Monasteries constructed during the 958-1055 AD under the patronage from King of Ladakh under the supervision of Lama Rinchen Zangpo . They were at some stage taken over by the Ka-dam-pa, and when it fell into decline they were taken over again, this time mostly by the Ge-lugs-pa.

Three storeys Avalokitesvara temple is one of the earliest known Drigung Kagyu prayer chambers still active in Ladakh ,  image of Chovo-je-Paldan Atisha can also be seen in the monastery.Wanla is a sub Monastery of Lamayuru , a caretaker Monk from Lamayuru takes care of daily rituals in the monastery. The main image Avalokitesvara is 11 headed Chuchigzhel form.


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