Harsiddhi Mata Temple, Miyani, Gujarat

Harsiddhi Mata or Harshad Mata temple is situated in a village Miyani about 3 km from the Dwarka – Porbandar- Somnath highway about 65 Km. from Dwarka , 30 km before Porbandar and  aprox . 170 Km. from Somnath on a hilltop overlooking the Arabian Sea .

One is to climb 400 steps to reach the temple which was established by Lord Krishna for his Kul – Devi  at present no puja is performed here , the Puja is performed in a temple built at the foot hill in the market .

Harsiddhi Mata temple Dwarka-Somnath highway

The hill on which the temple is located is called Koylo Dungar , the legend is Lord Krishna prayed to Mata Amba Ji to give more powers to kill the Jarasandh and the other demons , after his success in war Lord Krishna built this temple himself and celebrated the victory with his Yadav community , since then Yadav community worship Harsiddhi Mata as their Kul- Devi.

Harsiddhi Mata temple at foot hill in the market

Around 1300 AD a Jain merchant Jagdu Shah visited the temple and prayed to the Harsiddhi  Mata to save his ships which were sinking when ever  they were crossing the sea near the temple, he constructed the new temple and requested the Mata to come down and stay at the foot of the hill , since then Harsiddhi Mata is Kul Devi for many Jain families  and puja is performed .

The Sri Yantra and right colours

King Vikramaditya of Ujjain also a devotee of Harsiddhi Mata  built one temple at Ujjain , visited at this place and said that he will worship her every day and requested that the day time she will stay at Ujjain and at night in Miyani. A Sri yantra is carved in the temple. Mata is also known as Vahanvati Mata ,  She is also known as Sindhoi Mata or Goddess of Sands .

Pilgrims walking Long distance reaching Harsiddhi Mata temple to pay their respect .

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