Tallest Statue of Lord Buddha,Sarnath,India

Sarnath  is about 10 kms. from Varanasi also is the place where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon to five of  his companions( Kaundinya, Bashpa, Bhadrika, Mahanaman and Ashvajit ) in 500 B.C. The place has a number of Stupas (hemispherical domes) and monasteries. In the early days of  Buddhism, Stupas were built to honor important events including Gautam’s enlightenment to become Buddha .

The Tallest Statue of Lord Buddha at Sarnath India

The Tallest Statue of Lord Buddha at Sarnath India















Eighty feet tall statue of the Lord Buddha, which is the world’s tallest  statue after the ones demolished in Afganistan’s Bamiyan valley . It took 14 years to construct this statue. The work on the statue was started in 1997 and it was unveiled in 2011. This standing statue of Lord Buddha is located in the premises of  Thai Buddha Vihar in Sarnath also known as  Mrigdayavan Mahavihar Society.. The construction of statue is said to have started as a gesture to protest the destruction of Buddhist statues in many parts of the world.


Statue of Lord Buddha at Sarnath

Statue of Lord Buddha at Sarnath

Located in the garden of the Thai Temple in Sarnath, the statue consists of  845 stones blocks  each about two feet wide and three feet high and the head alone is 15 feet tall, There is a beautiful garden around the statue . Built in Gandhar style, the statue is  placed on a Lotus symbolising the spread of religion from India to other parts of the world with the message of love and peace , The octagonal pedestal have engravings depicting four important Buddhist religious places, including Dhammek Stupa, Bodh Gaya and Lumbini . The total cost of construction was contributed by a number of Buddhist and non-Buddhist devotees across the world

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