Nandi Temple Khajuraho Temples of Love Madhya Pradesh

Nandi Temple is dedicated to Nandi Bull the vahan ( mount) of Lord Shiva , situated opposite the Lord Vishwanath Temple of Love in Khajuraho, as a common architect plan any temple of Lord Shiva is having Nandi as protecting the gates sitting facing the temple, this temple was constructed in 11th century along with the Vishwanath Temple of Love ,  by the Chandela King, Dhanga Deva .

Nandi Temple opposite Vishwanath Temple of Love

The temple stands upon a rectangular platform the main structure is combinations of cross and rectangles with a small hall with three side balconies .

Nandi the Bull , opposite the Vishwanath temple of Love

The main Monolithic  idol of  richly harnessed the Nandi is 2.2 mtrs. long and 1.8 mtrs. tall the roof is resting on plain sand stone pillars ,The beautifully carved exteriors of the temple are decorated with images of Apsaras , Elephants and soldiers are  the charm and beauty of this temple.

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