Kalo Dungar Rann Kutch , Gujarat

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Kalo Dungar or Black Hill also called Panchchhamayi is situated 25 Km from Khavada and  97 km from Bhuj , it is about 460 meters, highest point  in the Rann of Kutch , one can have a panoramic view of the vastness of the Great Rann and it is difficult to distinguish between the land and skyline . Tourists are not  allowed beyond this point  as being very close to the Pakistan & India International border.One can see the India Bridge built over the marshy land.This is a small neck of water channel that connects the Rann with Arabian Sea, it is from here most of monsoon tides spill over on to Rann. Army unit stationed here keeps a vigil round the clock for any undesired movement in the Rann .

Kalo Dungar , Kutch , Gujarat


View of Great Rann from Kalo Dungar

On top there is a temple  dedicated to the Lord Dattatrey  the holy Trimurti ( Trinity) of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Protector) and Mahesh/Shiv (Destroyer) in one body. Twice in a day, wild Jackals are offered boiled-rice as  Prasad  this ritual is being followed  for over four centuries , Jackals really comes by a very interesting sound screams Ang Leo by the Local Pujaari,   Prasad is distributed only after feeding the Jackals .

Lord Dattatreya temple, kalo Dungar, Kutch , Gujarat

Legend about Jackal feeding is , once Lord Dattatrey  stopped at Kalo Dungar and saw a pac of hungry Jackals  , Lord offered his body parts to feed them and the body keep regenerating the parts . Another legend is once there was a King who did penance at Kalo Dungar , Lord Dattatrey wanted to test him and appeared in front of him as a hungry Jackal and asked for food , the King prepared boiled rice and offered to them , the Jackal said we are flesh eaters and can’t eat the rice , to this the King offered  flesh from his own body , Lord Dattatrey pleased with the devotion blessed the King and since then Jackals are fed boiled rice twice every day.


Wolves feeding point, Kalo Dungar, Kutch , Gujarat

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Shanti Stupa, A Beautiful White Buddhist Chorten in Leh, India


A white dome Stupa (Chorten) built on a Changspa, a steep  hill, opposite the Leh Palace different in architecture  from the Ladhakhi style gives a magnificent view at sunrise and sunset, it looks more beautiful at night illuminated in the white light. It was built by the Ladakh and Japanese Buddhists, Ladakhis offered voluntary labor, construction started in 1983 and it was inaugurated in August 1991 by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. It was built to promote world peace and prosperty and to commemorate the 2500 years of Buddhism.
The Bright Shanti Stupa at Leh
[quote]The Bright Shanti Stupa at Leh[/quote]



It is built as a two level structure, a flight of stairs leads to the first level where a Dharmchakra (as in white strip of Indian national flag) with two deer on each side, features a central image of Lord Buddha in golden colour sitting on a platform turning the Dharmchakra wheel, the second level depicting  the birth of Buddha, defeating of devils in meditation and death of Buddha along with many small images of meditating Buddha, all embossed in vibrant colours.
Various depictions of Lord Buddha's life
[quote]Various depictions of Lord Buddha’s life[/quote]



Shanti Stupa is situated at a height of 4267 meters overlooking the Leh city, it gives a panaoromic view of surrounding snow capped mountains and the Leh city.
Shanti Stupa under the BIG bright cloudy Sky
[quote]Shanti Stupa under the BIG bright cloudy Sky[/quote]