Kalo Dungar Rann Kutch , Gujarat

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Kalo Dungar or Black Hill also called Panchchhamayi is situated 25 Km from Khavada and  97 km from Bhuj , it is about 460 meters, highest point  in the Rann of Kutch , one can have a panoramic view of the vastness of the Great Rann and it is difficult to distinguish between the land and skyline . Tourists are not  allowed beyond this point  as being very close to the Pakistan & India International border.One can see the India Bridge built over the marshy land.This is a small neck of water channel that connects the Rann with Arabian Sea, it is from here most of monsoon tides spill over on to Rann. Army unit stationed here keeps a vigil round the clock for any undesired movement in the Rann .

Kalo Dungar , Kutch , Gujarat


View of Great Rann from Kalo Dungar

On top there is a temple  dedicated to the Lord Dattatrey  the holy Trimurti ( Trinity) of Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Protector) and Mahesh/Shiv (Destroyer) in one body. Twice in a day, wild Jackals are offered boiled-rice as  Prasad  this ritual is being followed  for over four centuries , Jackals really comes by a very interesting sound screams Ang Leo by the Local Pujaari,   Prasad is distributed only after feeding the Jackals .

Lord Dattatreya temple, kalo Dungar, Kutch , Gujarat

Legend about Jackal feeding is , once Lord Dattatrey  stopped at Kalo Dungar and saw a pac of hungry Jackals  , Lord offered his body parts to feed them and the body keep regenerating the parts . Another legend is once there was a King who did penance at Kalo Dungar , Lord Dattatrey wanted to test him and appeared in front of him as a hungry Jackal and asked for food , the King prepared boiled rice and offered to them , the Jackal said we are flesh eaters and can’t eat the rice , to this the King offered  flesh from his own body , Lord Dattatrey pleased with the devotion blessed the King and since then Jackals are fed boiled rice twice every day.


Wolves feeding point, Kalo Dungar, Kutch , Gujarat

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