Shalabhanjika , Monalisa in Stone , Museum , Gwalior Fort

Shalabhanjika  is a price less  stone statue of a lady of World fame Ancient India art work recovered from Gyaraspur near Sanchi and Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh now kept in the museum of Gwalior Fort under high security , special permission is required from the Archaeological Survey of India to visit this particular  chamber.

There were two such sculpted statues installed at the entrance of Sanchi Stupa , during the raids of Mugal King Aurangzeb’s army  one of it was destroyed and this one was thrown in the forests of Gyaraspur, later to be recovered in 19th Century . In early 1980 a  Visitor French Tourist Group named it Monalisa in Stone

Shalabhanjika , Museum , Gwalior Fort

The beauty of this stone statue is the creation of very clear strange smile on a face by the sculpture , it is probably sculpted during 10 – 11 th  AD , the waist holds lower garment across her broad hips and her full bloomed body which  has a bare torso  with a  pearl necklace around her neck , a long necklace falling between her breasts and then one chain going down up to her naval . Eyes and bowed eyebrows , sharp nose , ear rings , her hair with bun decorated with jewelry and precious stones . The lady seems to be standing under a Saal tree holding a branch . She is also known as the Tree Goddess . The Sanskrit name Shalabhanjika means “A lady breaking Saal branch”


Shalabhanjika are found mostly at the entrances of Stupa . The sandstone beams across the gateways were held up by bracket figures like this, representing female tree spirits called Yakshika . In an ancient  Indian fertility rite, beautiful young girls were said to usher in spring by kicking a tree trunk while breaking off a branch, so as to arouse it into blossoming. the Shalabhanjika Yakshika serves as a fertility symbol associated with the spirit of the tree and earth to ensure the auspiciousness of the site where the Stupa is built.


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Valley of Flowers , Uttrakhand trek opens on 1st June 2014


Valley of Flowers Uttrakhand

Valley of Flowers Uttrakhand a World Heratage site , opens for the visitors every year along with the opening of trek for Hemkund Sahib , Lokpal temple after the melting of snow at Bhyunder Valley ( 3658 mtr.) .This year the trek opens on 1st June 2014 .

One can reach here from Rishikesh/Haridwar by road up to Joshimath and then 21 km to Gobind Ghat , the 13 trek to Ghangharia the base camp for Valley of Flowers , Hemkund Sahib and Lokpal Temple , starts  after crossing the river Alakhnanda . Mules , Palki and Pittho are available and there is also a helipad for flights up to 1 km short of  Ghangahria.

Three Km. from Ghangahria the Valley of Flowers starts and the narrow path starts after crossing the river Laxman Ganga which originates from Lake Hemkund. One leave for  Valley of Flowers from Ghangharia early as one is to return the same day.

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