Crank’s Ridge Kasar Devi Almora Hidden wonder of the world

Cranks Ridge Kasar Devi Almora  hidden wonder of the world , is a temple located in a pine forest on a hill at a height of 2114 meters above sea level on Almora Bageshwar road, about 8 kilometers from the hill town of Almora in Uttarakhand state of Himalayas in India.
The description is also found about this place in the second chapter of Skanda Purana, this temple situated in a cave of mountain rock is said to be built in the second century.
NASA’s research has proved that this place is one of the only three places in the world located on the Van Allen Belt and this place has been identified by GPS 8  in the temple complex, the other two world famous places are  Machu Pichu in Peru and Stone Heinz is located in United Kingdom. It has also been told by the Indian Space Research Organization that a much more powerful magnetized field is present here.
Sannyasis have been doing austerities at this place for a long time, it is said that the Magnetic waves at this place provide mental peace and is a suitable place to meditate.
कसार देवी , क्रैंक्स रिज
This place was very famous in its time and people forgot it over the time, but around 1890, Swami Vivekananda did penance here and described some of his experiences and his diaries , after that people interested in  Tibet Buddhism In the countries of the west started visiting this place  Mr. Walter Evans published his book The Tibetan Book of Dead in 1926, before the publication of this book, he spent some time here and meditated with the Buddhist Lamas.
Mother Anandamayi stayed here for some time and perfected her mystical powers, in the 1930s, Denmark’s mystic Mr. Alfred Sorensen, also known as Sunyata Baba, practiced here for 3 decades, at the same time Mr. Ernst Hoffmann who was a Tibetan Buddhist lama who was later known as Anagarika Govinda was also able to discover his inner knowledge and powers here,
After 1961, many people from the west started getting in search of spiritual knowledge here, Mr. Alan Gilsberg of the Beetle group, Mr. Peter Orlovsky, Mr. Gare Sander etc. , people from the hippie group also started visiting this region and this place became part of  hippie trail , it became famous as Crank’s Ridge during this period , it became a center of writers from the West,  It became home to several bohemian artists, writers and western Tibetan Buddhists, during this time famous American psychologist  Mr Timothy Leary wrote many of his “Psychedelic prayers “ while  staying here. Mr.George Harrison and Cat Stevens who were known for their “Counter Culture “ , Western Buddhist Mr. Robert Thurman and writer Mr. H.D. Lawrence spent two years.
From this place, beautiful views of Almora and Havalbag valley and Bandar Poonch Himalayas are seen.
Every year on Kartik Purnima, which falls in November or December full moon night , there is a big fair. In this complex there is a temple of Bhairav and Lord Shiva, an unbroken holding in the temple of Goddess Mother and a fire in the fire pit in the Shiva temple , people have a lot of faith in this ash they mark it over their forehead
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